Physics of Freeskiing

The goal of this project is to collect sufficient data on the effects of kinetic friction as a skier slides across various types of rails and boxes. I intend to film myself and my friends sliding on the rails and boxes and I will later use the footage in a program called Logger Pro in order to calculate velocities as well as other energies involved.

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Current Explorations:

How do freeskiiers choose launch angle and speed to complete different jumps?

How is friction different for various types of rails and boxes?

Open Questions:

1. How does friction differ as a skier slides various types of rails and boxes?

2. How do the values of launch angle, speed, and the conservation of angular momentum differ for spesific tricks?

Completed Explorations:

Exploration 1:
Freeskiing - Friction on Rails and Boxes

All of what is below goes with my first exploration for analyzing friction on rails and boxes. For my current exploration, click on the above link titled: "How do freeskiers choose launch angle and speed to complete different jumps?" under the Current Explorations heading.


The following link is an awesome video project that involves a few of my friends. This was last weekend at Killington's opening weekend. The video displays a small portion of the types of boxes and rails that I would be working with (granted I have enough time to work with other types).
The Gold Project

Here are some pictures of the various rails that I hope to get footage of:
1225176117-645451-600x740-1204984204DSC_2001.jpg 4247_527819907923_41202048_31508914_5976645_n.jpg 1225186590-646614-600x900-1216334029HoodSki_064.jpg

1225186917-646639-600x377-11971769927.jpg 1225226319-648881-401x604-1205025231themagnum.jpg 1225238502-654076-600x401-1170728591kristie-abasin.jpg

5453_109596190823_564485823_2729172_1041074_n.jpg 5453_109596195823_564485823_2729173_7313665_n.jpg 1225241491-654804-600x405-1179897457donovaly2007058.jpg

1225315319-666531-600x396-1203565800lipslide_270.jpg 1232908669-733506-450x675-1232908468nikke18.jpg 1243818611-786366-600x400-1243818538n527688130_1456388_5762.jpg

1245092806-791499-600x399-1245092687evan.jpg n78301439756_1657375_3799651.jpg 1219268878-607831-670x502-1215034103-607823-684x513-1215026550-607786-684x513-1215026151z_1.jpg

Links to online resources (data sets, explanations, specialized equipment) can be added here.

About the Principal Investigator(s):

Jon: Environmental Engineering at Dartmouth
Chris: Mechanical Engineering at Dartmouth