Explorations are ongoing research projects hosted by WeSee, directed by one or more volunteer principal investigators (VPIs), and advanced by the contributions of high school students. Explorations are organized around a scientific theme (eg. the physics of baseball) or an engineering problem (eg. design a better mousetrap car) and consist of student designed experiments, collected data, analysis, and open questions. Explorations are, foremost, guided by students' questions and interests and built from students' experimental investigations.

Any high school aged student may join in an exploration provided they agree to the terms of participation and contacts the appropriate VPI for permission.

Open Exploration Threads

Threads listed below are currently open to explorers. Some may currently have active explorations.
  • Science threads are for explorations that ask testable questions like, "How does this work?" or "What effect does A have on B?".
  • Engineering threads are for explorations that ask design questions like, "What is the best design for this?" or "Can I accomplish a certain goal with these constraints?".
  • There are many questions that may don't fit neatly into only one category; science and engineering are more closely related than you may think. Feel free to propose a scientific question in an engineering thread or vise versa.
Science Threads -----

Engineering Threads
Air Resistance & Projectiles
_ _ _ _
Egg Drop
Simple Bridges
Baking Bread
Making Ice

Rock climbing
Model Rockets
Musical Instruments
Melting Ice

Mousetrap Catapult
Lung Capacity

Mousetrap Cars
Acoustic Design
Non-Newtonian Fluids (Ooblec)
Hot Air Balloons

Windmill Design
Solar Power

Architectural Design
Diet Coke and Mentos Propulsion
Gyroscopic forces
Physics of Lacrosse

Trebuchet Design
Musical Instrument Design

Index of Refraction

Request a New Exploration

Requests for new explorations should be posted to the discussion forum for this page. Be sure to include Exploration Request in the post title and include a brief description of what your initial question/experiment will be. A VPI will contact you when a new exploration page is available.