Diet Coke and Mentos Propulsion

In recent years, the reaction between Diet Coke and Mentos has been well documented. In this thread, we explore techniques for enhancing this reaction and using this reaction for propulsion.
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Current Explorations

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Open Questions

Which combination of alka-seltzer, mentos, diet coke, or coke will lift a rocket off the ground the furthest?
Can the Diet Coke and Mentos reaction be used to lift a rocket off the ground? To what altitude?
Will grinding Mentos enhance the reaction?

Completed Explorations

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Wikipedia entry on diet coke and mentos.
A mathematical presentation of rocket propulsion.

About the Principal Investigator(s)

Leanne Pasquini is a gradute student in Yale's environmental engineering program. She majored in chemistry and has spent the previous two years teaching high school chemistry.