Why does a tennis ball bounce differently from a football? What is a "bad hop"? Bouncing is an interesting phenomenon that we will explore in this thread.
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Current Explorations

How does the angle of impact effect the bounce of a superball?
We started by taking a video recording of a large blue superball bouncing after having fallen from a height of 1 meter. After uploading the video into logger pro, we measured the velocity and from there, figured out that energy was not conserved in the bounce.

Open Questions

How does angle dropped, size, and density affect the bounce of a superball?

Completed Explorations

Big Blue

Mass of ball: 89.60g
Diameter: 4.8cm
Density: 1.55 g/cm³
Volume: 57.91cm³
Height Dropped: 100cm
KE Lost: 44.67%

Medium Green
Mass of ball: 18.14g
Diameter: 2.5cm
Density: 2.2 g/cm³
Volume: 8.18cm³
Height Dropped: 100cm
KE Lost: 19.62%

Small Multi-color
Mass: 8.87g
Diameter: 1.8cm
Density: 2.91 g/cm³
Volume: 3.05cm³
Height Dropped: 100 cm
KE Lost: 41.77%

"Basket Ball" ball
Mass: 8.34g
Diameter: 1.9cm
Density: 2.32 g/cm³
Volume: 3.59cm³
Height Dropped: 100cm
KE Lost: 55.63%

Links to online resources (data sets, explanations, specialized equipment) can be added here:
On small baggy full of superballs varying in size and density.

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